The Bates Motel

Recently while mobbing the city of Silver Lake I fell upon the infamous Bates Motel. Vincent Lamouroux turned this deserted hotel where Psycho was filmed into an art exhibit call Projection LA. He painted the entire building white along with its nearby palm trees to show its contrast against the city. It’s painted with biodegradable material and will slowly but surely wear away. The French artist has now turned the already artistic and hip Silver Lake into a well known and “must go to place”, in case fellow LA’ers weren’t aware of it. There are tons of things to do just in that vicinity alone. Check it out of you haven’t already!! Hope you enjoy! 


one of many street art walls caught on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake

A cozy steal

I went to Costco yesterday and I found a sweatshirt by O’neal for $6.79!!! I initially went to the clothing area because I was going to use something warm to cover me up because I had to go into that freezer room they hold the dairy products in and I just so happened to see it. I couldn’t resist with that deal! It’s a light green stripped sweatshirt with a drawstring to adjust the hood.