So the reason why I’ve been seeing this miracle worker who is adjusting my bones, yeah bones. I know it sounds crazy and unreal but this man is truly sent from above. Anyhow we’ll go back to him later. When I was 16 years old I was in a life-changing car accident. I was in a coma for a week and a half and suffered a traumatic brain injury, punctured lung, hairline fracture on my collar bone, and a fractured rib and was hospitalized for one month. I went through an intensive rehabilitation program where I saw a speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and recreation therapist. It was a hell of a ride and once I was able to understand what happened to me, all I could think of was getting out of that sterile place and go back to what I was accustomed to, being a spunky teenage girl. I desperately wanted to go back to school, now what high school junior wants to go to school? Well when you’re taken away from everything that’s familiar and isolated in a small room where Doctors and nurses are your friends instead of your teenage friends, you’d probably want to go back too. I had no time to feel sorry for myself, sad, or even cry about what happened, I never showed my emotions. I had constant visitations from friends and even though I was happy to see them and hear all that was happening in school I started to feel sad and anxious about not being there. Slowly but surely my visitations were cut short because I┬ábecame overwhelmed at night. I was unable to sleep at night due to all the stories I heard from my friends and my memories from school. Needless to say, that would be the first obstacle I had to face. I was prescribed sleeping medication in order to wind down at night. During my stay, I learned that the therapists that worked with me got together to talk about my progress every week. Because of this, I made sure I impressed them while in therapy. I knew I had to shock them in order to get released from the hospital so I pulled out all the stops. I remember one of my sessions with my recreational therapist was to bake cookies. I used to bake cookies all the time with my best friend so of course, I had to show her my skills. I impressed all of my therapists during sessions and was surprisingly out of the hospital in exactly a month from being admitted. I was admitted April 16, 2002, and was released May 16, 2002; ten days before my birthday! I know its pretty unbelievable but it happened. All this was way too convenient because who wants to spend their birthday in a hospital? It seemed like after all the grief my family and I went through we were finally getting some slack. After being released I was only seen by a speech therapist. My rehabilitation still required more although that was the only therapy strongly suggested by the doctor so I went to a speech therapist. I stayed with the speech therapist for two years and she worked on the side effects I acquired from the accident: short term memory, aphasia (communication disorder that affects the ability to use or understand language), and deductive reasoning. She helped me with tips on remembering things like making a schedule and writing things down on post so that I can be reminded of important dates and such. She also helped me go through the proper steps when doing routine tasks, like when she asked me how I make a sandwich and I said everything except for the bread (wow did I need help). As you can see speech therapy played a major role in my personal outcome but unfortunately, I required much more help. Fast forward to 6 years post the accident and every morning I wake up as if I got ran over by a train, I have to constantly turn my mattress so that it’s as even as possible and for the longest time I don’t know why I feel this way. I finally realize that this is a result of the car accident. I am constantly fatigued and not very happy about the pain I was enduring on a daily basis. My back and neck took the brunt of the impact but nobody thought about how my body would feel years after the accident. I lived with this pain for 7 years, until my mom meets Archie at a party. This is the man who is healing my body and readjusting my bones. With just light compression with his two hands, he has been able to rediscover my sunken ribs, clavicle, shoulder, hips, and femurs. The impact moved not only my brain in my skull but also the bones in my body. This man is who I have been seeing, he’s not only treated and adjusting my body but he is also providing therapy to heal my anxiety and pain I’ve endured leading up to where I am at. So when I say I’m on a road to recovery I mean it in every way it translates.