Viva EspaƱa

Last summer I took my mama on a Euro trip for her 60th birthday. Here are some pictures of our stay in Barcelona, Spain. I found a place on Air BnB for a reasonable price and our host was awesome, he even volunteered to take us to the water park there (Illa Fantasia). My mom and I went to so many places while we were there and walked our little feet off. The streets of Barcelona are full of people and adorned with graffiti. I fell in love with this city. Their culture is really encapsulating, they have siestas at 2 where they close most stores for a couple of hours and reopen afterwards. Although they didn’t close up shop in the summers because that’s when business booms for them. The food is amazing, my mom and I had a delicious plate of paella the first day we arrived accompanied with their classic sangria. We loved it! After our lovely meal we walked down the “Ramblas”, a walkway with artisan sellers, and went into the famous Boqueria. “La Boqueria” is a great big outdoor market place where there are all types of food. We enjoyed our first gelato afterwards. On our last day we visited the “Barceloneta Beach” where there were food vendors, bars on the beach, live music, and even some brave topless babes =) I love Spain. My packing strategy for the trip was to be fresh and cool since it was summer over there as well. I took a lot of short and long dresses and a few pairs of shorts and tons of comfy sandals.

On the bus on our way to our bnb after we landed. I’m wearing H&M kids parachute pants and Rainbow sandals, comfy while on the plane.
Graffiti on most walls in Barcelon, Spain.
Street view in Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona, Spain
Paella for two please. Barcelona, Spain.
Sangria too! Barcelona, Spain.
Hello moto, motorcycles are way more convenient in Barcelona, Spain.
La Boqueria. Barcelona, Spain.
Our first gelato in Europe. Barcelona, Spain.
Local art in Barcelona, Spain.
Ill Fantasia with our fabulous host, Dario. Barcelona, Spain.
Barceloneta Beach. Barcelona, Spain.