What is perfection?


This is worded so beautifully and compliments my post.
This is picture above is worded so beautifully and compliments my post.

I met with my life coach yesterday and we finally had a full session, we got to tackle mind & body. Yesterday’s lesson was self acceptance pertaining to what we perceive as perfect. For instance, we see a woman with beautiful makeup and we think she’s perfect, and want to look like her. Or we may see someone who we think has a beautiful body and think it’s perfect. We think to ourselves and say “I want to look like that”, but the real question is, why don’t we see ourselves as perfect? Now is there a model to base ourselves to perfection? If we’re the only us than how are we not perfect just the way we are? Or are we created off a model? Are we a prototype? No. We’re the only us there is. I’m completely original, no one is at all like me and can’t be at all compared to me. Therefore we are perfect just the way we are. We have been programmed to believe that we are not perfect but the truth is that we are perfect. We were not made to replicate anybody else. So that socialized thought that we’re not perfect is incorrect and makes us strive for that “perfection”, whatever we think it is. When in reality we’re already perfect in our own way. What we have been trained to perceive as a flaw is not a flaw. That’s our perfection. What is perfect? We cannot compare ourselves to anybody since nobody has our exact genetic code. We are all individuals, different in our own ways. If we see a cup that has a faded out picture on it and ask if it’s perfect, we would say it’s not. Why? Because it’s supposed to look vibrant with the picture showing BUT in order for the cup to be perfect it needs to be compared to the model that it was made after right? So we look to the model and it has the vibrant picture on it but it’s dimensions are slightly different then the faded cup. Thus revealing that nothing can be perfect to replicate the model because even in manufacturing there are many “flaws” that are minute but can still make a cup that looks perfect but is slightly different from the model. It’s perfect in its own way. No one ever complains about the “imperfections” of the cup. It’s a half centimeter off but it’s still a working cup, it serves it’s purpose. Remember, you are one of a kind and are perfect just the way you are. No more saying nobodies perfect because that’s what has been programmed in us and that’s what hurts us. We try to reach that “perfect” when that perfect already exists in us.