Free Yourself

I’m currently under construction and I’ve been seeking guidance and support. I have come across this God sent man who is not only readjusting my body, which is another story that I’ll have to fill you in on later, but also helping me heal emotionally and spiritually. He has truly enlightened me more than I could ever imagine. Even though I have always been spiritual and try to maintain a positive perspective, what he has taught me has definitely resonated and brought noticeable change in me. This man truly has a gift in healing. He is teaching me to let go, kinda like the Frozen song and accept situations for what they are. See anytime we make a judgement, assumption, or a statement that is not morally accepted by others we tend to conceal it because we know we shouldn’t be thinking like that, we judge our feelings/thoughts. What he teaches is that your feelings are your feelings; and if you feel a certain way towards someone or something just let them be. Don’t judge yourself on it or try to rationalize it. Accept that feeling because at that moment that is how you felt and it’s ok to feel however you did. After you accept your feeling you release it, otherwise lack of acceptance creates repression within our being. Now the reason why repressing those feelings or thoughts are not beneficial is because what if we encounter that same person or situation again? We automatically tend to have a negative state of mind about it. This incorrect association from your bad experience does not have any correlation to the new experience you will have but since you didn’t release the feeling in the moment it stays inside you and you are reminded of what occurred. This unreleased feeling/thought does not hurt the other person but hurts you. Now I’m not saying to express your feelings/thoughts directly to those individuals or proclaim them in public but in a private setting or in a mental statement, just as long as you accept and release. Another example of holding onto self perceived negative feelings/thoughts is when someone cuts you off and you repress your anger. Instead of screaming at them in your car or releasing the feelings by flipping the bird you bottle those in. Since you didn’t accept those feelings they could show up as taking your anger out on someone else for no good reason, now you have an unnecessary situation with someone else. You see, as soon as you accept your feelings for what they are as true and in the moment and then release, you enter personal freedom. We are the only ones that can free ourselves, nobody else. Walking around with all these repressed feelings/thoughts is what creates disease and sickness, they physically hurt our body. They are ailments such as anxiety and depression and not to mention stress. But once you learn to accept and let go you will create ultimate bliss and happiness. To know you are not perfect and you will never be is beautiful and freeing in itself. Recognizing this truth is the beginning of mental freedom.