The Bates Motel

Recently while mobbing the city of Silver Lake I fell upon the infamous Bates Motel. Vincent Lamouroux turned this deserted hotel where Psycho was filmed into an art exhibit call Projection LA. He painted the entire building white along with its nearby palm trees to show its contrast against the city. It’s painted with biodegradable material and will slowly but surely wear away. The French artist has now turned the already artistic and hip Silver Lake into a well known and “must go to place”, in case fellow LA’ers weren’t aware of it. There are tons of things to do just in that vicinity alone. Check it out of you haven’t already!! Hope you enjoy! 


one of many street art walls caught on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake

Flashback Friday

We shot this outfit on the famous 6th St. bridge in the Arts District.  Its a night outfit that makes a statement and stands out, which can be hard especially with the beautiful landscape.  My shirt, is a hand me down from my mom actually, I remember her wearing it when I was a little girl. I paired it with H&M high waisted shorts, over the knee black socks, and Jeffrey Campbells.  I let my hair run wild, I used “Shea Moisture” Curl enhancing smoothie along with “Organix” hydrate + defrizz kukui oil spray. I love the colors the shirt brings out, its a perfect Spring outfit.  It has a balance of both sexy and sweet, not too much showing all at once.  Hope you like it as much as I do!!!






The art of turntables

I have this obsession with turntables so here are some pictures I’ve taken while out and about in Los Angeles events. Click on the captions their links to their music pages!!!

DJ Zo @ the Line Hotel
DJ Zo @ the Line Hotel
Holly Marilyn Solem @ Good Times at Davey Waynes
DJ Frankie Ingliese @ Dirty Laundry
DJ Frankie Inglese @ Dirty Laundry
DJ ReMitch @ the Grandstar Jazz Club
DJ ReMitch @ the Grandstar Jazz Club
A DJ at a party @ The Sky Room
A DJ at a party @ The Sky Room
DJ Peanut Butter Wolf @ Thanks Givends
DJ Peanut Butter Wolf @ Thanks Givends
DJ Jeremy Sole @ Bodega
DJ Jeremy Sole @ Bodega
DJ Jason Bentley @ The Hammer Museum Made In LA Music
DJ Jason Bentley @ The Hammer Museum Made In LA Music
DJ setup @ Tumbe
DJ setup @ Tumbe
Dam Funk @ The Lift
Dam Funk @ The Lift


Paris, France was our second stop.  I fell in love with Paris, its so romantic and beautiful.  The culture is so rich and the people were quit delightful.  We first went to the Palace of Versailles on such a beautiful day but unfortunately we were so amazed by the garden that we didn’t get a chance to go inside the palce. The next day we went to the Louvre Museum and probably only saw about 2 quarters of it all. After that we saw the beautiful Eiffel Tower and I could not stop taking pictures of it. On our last day my cousin who is a local there, took us to the famous Pont Des Arts (lock of love bridge) before the city took the locks down.  My cousin took us to the Centre Georges Pompidou museum where break dancers put on a show right outside of it.  We went to the Red Light District and took a picture in front of Moulin Rouge, Sacred Heart church where I found tons of graffiti surrounding the route there, and last but not least my mom and I got to eat escargot.  It was so delicious!! xoxo

Palace of Versailles. Paris, France.
Sitting in the gardens of Versailles. Paris, France.
Palace of Versailles. Paris, France.
Garden of Versailles. Paris, France.
The Louvre Museum. Paris, France.
The Louvre. Paris, France.
The Louvre. Paris, France.
The Eiffel Tower. Paris, France.
The Eiffel Tower. Paris, France.
The Eiffel Tower at night. Paris France.






Arc de Triomphe. Paris, France.
Pont des Arts. Paris, France.
Centre Georges Pompidou. Paris, France.
With my cousins in front of Moulin Rouge. Paris, France.
Graffiti spot before headed to the Sacred Heart. Paris, France.
Sacred Heart. Paris, France.
Eating escargot yummy! Paris, France.


Viva España

Last summer I took my mama on a Euro trip for her 60th birthday. Here are some pictures of our stay in Barcelona, Spain. I found a place on Air BnB for a reasonable price and our host was awesome, he even volunteered to take us to the water park there (Illa Fantasia). My mom and I went to so many places while we were there and walked our little feet off. The streets of Barcelona are full of people and adorned with graffiti. I fell in love with this city. Their culture is really encapsulating, they have siestas at 2 where they close most stores for a couple of hours and reopen afterwards. Although they didn’t close up shop in the summers because that’s when business booms for them. The food is amazing, my mom and I had a delicious plate of paella the first day we arrived accompanied with their classic sangria. We loved it! After our lovely meal we walked down the “Ramblas”, a walkway with artisan sellers, and went into the famous Boqueria. “La Boqueria” is a great big outdoor market place where there are all types of food. We enjoyed our first gelato afterwards. On our last day we visited the “Barceloneta Beach” where there were food vendors, bars on the beach, live music, and even some brave topless babes =) I love Spain. My packing strategy for the trip was to be fresh and cool since it was summer over there as well. I took a lot of short and long dresses and a few pairs of shorts and tons of comfy sandals.

On the bus on our way to our bnb after we landed. I’m wearing H&M kids parachute pants and Rainbow sandals, comfy while on the plane.
Graffiti on most walls in Barcelon, Spain.
Street view in Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona, Spain
Paella for two please. Barcelona, Spain.
Sangria too! Barcelona, Spain.
Hello moto, motorcycles are way more convenient in Barcelona, Spain.
La Boqueria. Barcelona, Spain.
Our first gelato in Europe. Barcelona, Spain.
Local art in Barcelona, Spain.
Ill Fantasia with our fabulous host, Dario. Barcelona, Spain.
Barceloneta Beach. Barcelona, Spain.