There’s a first for everything.


I had my first vending experience last month for a fun loving music collective called La Junta, which translates from Spanish to English as “the gathering”. La Junta got started in Alhambra by Degruvme and Prescilla from BodyLanguage Events, Yukicito, Music Producer for Nickodemus, and Glenn Red from Afro Funké – I must say they are a very talented group of people. Since inception La Junta made their way to the city of Los Angeles and now hosts their events at a rooftop restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles called Don Chente. La Junta brings Latin music from all across the globe and mixes it with current and classic sounds. I really enjoy their parties and after their summer party last year I stayed connected with Prescilla. Fast forward to April of 2017, I get an invite to  be a vendor at their event! Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity and knew this was going to be big for me. This would be my chance to spread the word and most importantly interact with potential customers. I wanted to hear what they liked about it and what they didn’t like about it. The results from the event were nothing I expected and I am so thankful for the open door and welcome sign from the La Junta family. I loved the feedback I received, good and bad and learned so much from just that experience. I am going to be back at La Junta this Sunday for their Memorial Weekend event on May 28th at Don Chente, come swing by if you’re in the area I would love to chat with ya!!!

Its been so long!

We meet again friends. Its been 3 years since I’ve posted anything and I have to update you on my whereabouts. First I have to mention how much I have been blessed ever since I began my journey with crystals and no I’m not talking about Swarovskis. I’m talking about the natural-born crystals from our beautiful Mother Nature. I’ve struggled and shed a lot since my earlier blog posts and now I feel so rejuvenated. I have done a lot of personal work as well as sought holistic practitioners but I must say crystals have magnified all of them. Along with their metaphysical attributes crystals have scientific components, such as lithium which is a main component in drugs prescribed for depression. Lepidolite helps ease stress and anxiety just by having it near you or even better, wearing it on your body. I don’t know about you but I’d rather hold or wear a crystal then take perception pills and possibly suffer from the side effects. All this to say, this is why I began designing crystal jewelry. I also want to inform as many people as possible so they can begin their journey too!! I will be posting twice a month filling you in on my fun little projects, sharing what I learn from the cool people I get advice from, sharing playlists, my home remedies, and sweet photography by yours truly =D also I’ll be shouting out my awesome friends who have a hustle going. Meanwhile browse through my old stuff…Oh Spring Collection will be up this week. promise!