Easier Said Than Done

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal I was compelled to write about the power of standing up for yourself. As it may be perceived, speaking up and standing up for yourself sounds easy, right? You get the chance to use your voice and tell others how you feel in hopes that it will stop; thus eliminating the problem! In a perfect world yes this can be accomplished, but unfortunately in many cases it does not result in a smooth procedure. When one is faced with sexual harassment, which comes in many forms such as, lewd immature gestures at or against you, fabricated stories that include you without your knowledge, rape, coercion, and so on. Speaking up against the perpetrator can put you in a difficult position, it can make you seem dramatic, weak, sensitive, it can even cost you your career as we’ve heard so many times before. Using your voice is a powerful thing because you are letting others know that you will not stand for what has happened to you and you are placing very important boundaries. Its difficult for others to put themselves in your position even when they see how it has affected you because, guess what? It did not happen to them so there is no way they can know how it feels. They will always have their perspective and opinion about it but that does not make them correct. At the end of the day you are the only one that has a right to provide your opinion on it because you unfortunately HAD to go through it. You will have people who don’t agree with your feelings and you will instantly take it personal because you have not only been wronged and because people don’t believe you, BUT know that it is ok.

You are stronger for using your voice and listening to your gut feeling, which twists and turns each time you are reminded by it. Doing this honors your higher self and further connects you to that all knowing power we all have within us. I am speaking because I recently experienced a from of harassment and had to deal with the feelings and opinions of others. I can say it was not easy but its something that had to be done because it did not sit right with me. I can tell you if I hadn’t done it, I would grow bitter and live in regret each day having to see that person. The old me would’ve kept quiet to avoid any type of awkwardness, all while feeling miserable inside- the incessant mind chatter- the classic should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. I finally reached my limit and there was no stopping me this time. Although it was a tough lesson to learn, that of speaking up for myself and practicing peace even after invalidated opinions. I am so grateful I finally passed my test. I am grateful to exercise my voice and know, even though I’m still practicing, people will ALWAYS have an opinion about everything but as long as I know I am honoring myself and not harming others I will be just fine.


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