Peaceful with the Poppies

A few weeks ago I went to visit the “wildflower super bloom”, except I went to the “mini bloom” =) I took a mini road trip to the Chumash Trail at the Point Magu State Park in Malibu. The incline on this hike was definitely intense, it showed no mercy but I was determined to see these wildflowers. While on my way to my destination I asked some fellow hikers how long from where we were to the flowers, they were awesome enough to tell me that I didn’t have to climb to the top of the mountain to see them and told me to stick to the left side of the trail. Super stoked on the news I kept going and I finally hit the plateau, as you can see below it was super foggy up there.IMG_0223.JPG

It was so lush everywhere I looked. The hike was amazing and will be doing it again real soon. After such a treacherous hike it was completely worth it when I got to the beautiful flowers. I sat there and took it all in. I hope you enjoy what I got to capture.

Incline was no joke.
View on the way up.
This was the mountain that you can hike up.
The beautiful California poppy.
Peaceful with the poppies.
This was the view that overlooked the ocean.


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