Its been so long!

We meet again friends. Its been 3 years since I’ve posted anything and I have to update you on my whereabouts. First I have to mention how much I have been blessed ever since I began my journey with crystals and no I’m not talking about Swarovskis. I’m talking about the natural-born crystals from our beautiful Mother Nature. I’ve struggled and shed a lot since my earlier blog posts and now I feel so rejuvenated. I have done a lot of personal work as well as sought holistic practitioners but I must say crystals have magnified all of them. Along with their metaphysical attributes crystals have scientific components, such as lithium which is a main component in drugs prescribed for depression. Lepidolite helps ease stress and anxiety just by having it near you or even better, wearing it on your body. I don’t know about you but I’d rather hold or wear a crystal then take perception pills and possibly suffer from the side effects. All this to say, this is why I began designing crystal jewelry. I also want to inform as many people as possible so they can begin their journey too!! I will be posting twice a month filling you in on my fun little projects, sharing what I learn from the cool people I get advice from, sharing playlists, my home remedies, and sweet photography by yours truly =D also I’ll be shouting out my awesome friends who have a hustle going. Meanwhile browse through my old stuff…Oh Spring Collection will be up this week. promise!

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