It’s Time

Ive come to the realization that no matter how much money I’m making if its not making me happy it’s not worth it and it’s never going to be. I have worked in the helping profession for almost ten years now but have come to a wall. I don’t find joy in it anymore, I feel like I’m giving more than I’m taking from it. I’ve stayed in the field for so long because it scared me to do or try something outside of my scope of practice and because I knew I wouldn’t be making the same amount of money. I’m at a different place in my life now where I can look past the dollar amount. I want to be involved in the things that make me tick, fashion, photography, and music . I want to be happy and energetic after work instead of lounge around my house until bedtime because I’m so exhausted from the day. I need to get back to what makes me, me. At this point I want a job where I can work on my passions and creativity, where I’ll have the ability to work and be able to hone and work on my skills. I’m ready to make that change.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time

    1. Thank you rosyblush yes it’s kinda scary and trust me it wasn’t easy but I’m taking it one day at a time and have faith there’s something out there for me. I appreciate your encouragement girl.

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