March Madness 

It’s almost Spring time! It’s like a metaphor to me especially this year with so much personal growth and revelations. I know soon I’ll blossom into my true free self, striped of all external worries and just be. I’ve done a lot of soul searching, dug deep down inside, and still discovering so much about myself. I’ve experienced a great amount of conflict, Madness,¬†these past months and I am so greatful for them because without it there is no growth. If you have people around you who constantly agree with you no matter what, then you will remain just as you are, stagnant without change. Challenges make you think and uncover things, things that aren’t apparent to those who are still attached to the ego. When you are spiritually open to the universe you will hear when it talks to you. Through these conflicts I am continuing to realize that anything that I take offense to is truly something about me and not the other person. It’s something that I need to process work through and make neutral so that it will no longer impact me as it did. I’m hearing the universe talk to me and I’m so grateful and taking in and growing from every opportunity.


I appreciate your time and if you have any questions let me know.

What have you learned about yourself?