Took a risk and played on the train tracks this time >_< I was super nervous but thankfully nothing happened. We got some cool shots in front of bright graffiti colors which complimented the outfit nicely. I wore a high low above the knee jersey skirt by Obey and a crop t shirt from H&M with my classic white Converse. I accessorized it minimally with librarian inspired sunglasses from and a heart ring, both from H&M.

Enjoy xoxo



My new focus with my life coach has been finding neutrality and being in control. I’ve recently been struggling with not being in control of what happens in my life. Things as small as catching a cold to finding my dream job or experiencing feelings that affect my body, like anxiety. The first step is welcoming the situation, being open to what has presented itself because the more we deny it the more power we are feeding it. By accepting the situation we are allowing for a natural process to occur. Since we can not change what is happening, we are only making our life difficult by not accepting it. I remember reading about this in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle except he calls this mechanism, surrendering. When he says,

Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace is transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender. After reading this book years ago it made total sense to me, but I was also in a good place and we all know how different it is when we feel we’re in a quote unquote good place then not so good place. Now, this being the second time I am being exposed to the idea of acceptance/surrender I am in a deeper level of comprehension. I’m not gonna lie, this is still difficult to adjust to but the more and more I do it, the easier it is and the more in tune and at peace I feel. The second part to this acceptance is the idea of being in control, when something arises may it be a cold you’re dreading or anything you are fearful of, call it out. Because don’t forget that whatever you fear you are attracting and manifesting in your life. You are planting a seed of intention even though you don’t want it, it’s there because you have labeled it as a fear. The opposite of fear is again acceptance and by calling that fear out and welcoming it into your life than you neutralize it and thus you are in control of it. By welcoming it you realize that if it comes up in your life that it was because you allowed it. I know that this may be a hard pill to swallow but isn’t it better to be neutral with life so that if and when it happens it doesn’t cause pain? Looking at situations in this way relieves all our worries and doubts. Getting to this place to me is freedom and tearing down all the things we are socialized to believe is what is the most difficult part about this path but I do believe true peace is attainable.

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Clean face

I realized I needed to exfoliate my face and get rid of the dead skin that only causes build up and blemishes. I went to Sprouts to buy a nice organic face scrub but was enchanted by facial sponges. I was told that it works just as well if not better than a scrub since scrubs can be a little on the rough side. These cool little facial sponges are gentle and do the same trick plus they are produced with natural cellulose. This specific one is by ecotools. The other product is a facial wash made with Eco harvest, tea tree, and awapuhi. I really like this wash because after washing with it my face feels clean, since I tend to have oily skin some other cleansers leave my face feeling almost the same but not this one. This brand is called Desert Essence, try them out and let me know what you think.


Lady in lace

I realized I needed to spice things up so I recently bought this cute and sexy long lace skirt from Fashion Q. I bought my shoes from Forever 21 last Spring, believe it or not and the crop top is from Nordstrom. I’m constantly incorporating new and old items to my outfits and often interchanging them to make different funky ones. I decided to go all black and add the bronze necklace to make it pop. This outfit is not too showy and not too conservative, a little bit of both goes a long way. Let me know what you think!!









Pac Town






There’s a dog in my pictures!! He belongs to my friend, Richard Olea, who was actually the one behind the camera.  I decided to stay local and shoot in Pacoima since I feel there is so much to do out there. We went to the new bike path and took “Bane” for a walk, although as the pictures show he may have taken me for a walk =D I’m wearing a light sweater from H&M, a locket necklace, Super Skinny Super Low jeans from H&M, and Jessica Simpson mules. This outfit can also be worn night and day with a simple change of lipsticks.

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I’ve never fallen in love before and I always thought that to be a bit odd. After having many of conversations with my life coach I realized I carried a heart of stone. I never fully let people in, always guarding myself from them, sub consciously expecting the worst and just bracing myself through the ride. For me it’s always been easy to let a person go if I don’t agree with something they do or how they act BUT that’s not love. Love is accepting the person for who they are without trying to change them or hope they will. It’s loving all of their “imperfections” as we like to call them but in reality their our perfections since we are already perfect. Love is also allowing that person into your city where your walls are low enough for them to enter and don’t feel like they’re going to get trapped inside. I say trapped inside because one does not want to feel needed but instead they want to feel equal to you. They don’t want to be your sun and moon because not even the sun and moon are guaranteed. We love not expecting the same kind of love back because we are not dealing with ourselves so the way they show their love can not in anyway be the same as the way we show our love. There is no measurement of love or who’s love is greater because we can not quantify love. That’s why the saying “meet me half way” is false because what is half way? What’s half way to you may be a quarter for him and what’s half for him may be a whole for you. What is important to keep in mind here is accepting the kind of love you receive from your partner. Another’s love should be an addition to what we already have. It should be a surplus to our own love for ourselves. This love should already be so high that their love only compliments my love for myself. I should not feel whole or fulfilled if someone else is showing me love rather all that does is intensify the love I already have for myself. I have control over my love and if that love they provided goes away for whatever reason I still love myself so much that it doesn’t change the way I feel about myself. Granted one is going to be sad about loosing a partner but you won’t lose that “other half” because you have always been whole from the beginning.