My Must Haves

So I’m totally lovin’ on two products right now. One is called “unite 7SECONDS Condition LEAVE IN DETANGLER”, which is amazing. I have naughty wavy hair and it’s tough to brush out after a shower. I usually don’t like brushing my hair because of this and because I end up pulling too many hairs out, and you know at this age nobody wants more hair out then necessary 🙂 This spray is unbelievable because it not only detangles but it also leaves my hair soft and adds that extra moisture it needs. If you live in the San Fernando Valley go visit my friend Brooke at Salon XIII, get a hair cut and buy this spray! If not then just look it up online and you’ll see how miraculous this product is. The second product is by Himalaya and its a herbal toothpaste, I got it at Sprouts but I’m sure you can find it at your local organic market. Trust me I’ve tried Toms before and lets just say it still leaves your mouth feeling unclean :S BUT this toothpaste is awesome not only because it’s herbal but because it’s fluoride free, which is said to cause cancer and also for all you wholistic monkeys out there, it allows your pineal gland to run free. Fluoride shrinks your pineal gland which hinders your third eye, effecting your spiritual awareness. The pineal gland is said to be the seat of the soul. So my friends, brush with caution.


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