Why wonder?

You know how sometimes we say, “I wonder why that happened to me?” Well we don’t need to know the answer for everything that happens to us. Our creator has put obstacles in our lives for a reason and there’s times when we won’t know the reason behind an obstacle until years later or maybe we’ll never really know, but that’s perfectly ok. See recently I’ve been confronted with situations where I “need” to find explanations, but there’s no need. In life we have so many questions such as, “where am I going in life, who will I marry, will I be successful, am I going to fail at this, does he like me?” All of those questions are irrelevant because if we needed to know the answers right away then our lessons and experience would be void. Everything happens for a reason and there’s a purpose to anything and everything. If we take on a job and “fail” in it then we learn how to improve it, which is definitely a plus or we may learn that we don’t like the job and can now take the next step to resolve the situation. It’s just like that famous saying goes, “trust the process”, since we are not all knowing like our Creator we have to go through different scenarios to test the waters. I know that I can definitely get wrapped up in the whys of life, especially because I know I like to control the instances in my life. I tend to sit and analyze situations and pretend like my analysis will guide me in the right direction, but THEY WON’T. That’s just a waste of time because as soon as someone else comes into the equation who you care for, that analysis goes directly out of the window and negates it. Now if we took a different approach to life and say, “well, I’ll do the best with whatever is presented to me and whatever the outcome is it’s going to be the exact thing I had to go through because it was already written for me”. By surrendering to the inevitable we create calm and relaxation into situations that will now bring about happiness and success as opposed to the pain and worry it used to create. A change in perspective goes a long way.

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