Analigital = analog + digital

This art collective is based out of the San Fernando Valley. They include various artists of all different trades, which consist of Richard Gonzalez, Jonathan Chavez, Ali Gonzalez, Eric Gonzalex amongst other members. Some of their talents feature photography, brand solutions, original media production and design. I’ve known most of these guys for almost ten years. They are some artsy fartsy men and so incredibly talented. I’m lucky to have them in my life, they are not only inspiring to young adults but also are great men.  They have their own gallery in the city of San Fernando on 418 Maclay St. CA 91340. They’re having a show this Friday, which I may not be able to attend due to work but you should check them out. Anyway I wanted to share with you some pictures from past galleries of which feature some of the their own art along with other artist and their most recent event, which was their Annual Turkey Ball held at El Cariso Park in Sylmar, CA. They always have close friends and family join the ball game. Check them out Analigital

The whole gang
Turkey Ball 2014
Turkey Ball 2014
Storm Trooper by Ali Gonzalez
Storm Trooper by Ali Gonzalez


Dia de los muertos
Dia de los muertos

421892_10100118270581906_2137150224_n 419039_10100118270781506_354076715_n

Rebel girl
Rebel girl


Me and my friend from HS Douglas Breuninger
Me and my friend from HS Douglas Breuninger

Douglas is another talented young man, check out his instagram

Spike Lee Joint by Ali Gonzalez
Jonathan Chavez formally known as JP manning the DJ booth.

Hear Jonathan’s mixes


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